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Important Comprehensive Player Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tudedude, Jun 10, 2015.


What is your opinion of the guide SO FAR

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  3. Needs work (it's a WIP -_-)

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  6. I just want to give negative feedback because I think I'm funny

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  1. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    [v0.1] Tude's Comprehensive Player Guide

    Hey guys, Tudedude here! I'm starting a comprehensive player guide here, covering all things new players should know. This guide is broken down into sections, outlined in the Table of Contents below.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a constant work in progress, and will be constantly updated.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Hub
    2. Factions
    3. KitPvP
    4. Skyblock
    5. Factions

    1. Hub
    The first way to navigate to other servers from the hub is by right clicking on your compass. This will open a menu with items you can click to go to the designated server.

    The second way to navigate is to go through the portals. In the hub, there are four portals Each will go to a different server, as denoted by the large text above the portals.

    If you notice an issue or discrepancy, please make a polite reply including the build number and a detailed description of the problem.

    (The rest of this guide is soon to come!)
    Shortened link: Here
    Build #22, 010/1/16 10:39
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    Last edited: Oct 8, 2016
  2. badboy2001XD

    badboy2001XD New Member

    Why can't we vote twice, I want to be funny with positive feedback :)

    not negative :p
  3. Brilliant!
    Thanks for making this...
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  4. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    No problem! I'll be able to format it and stuff better later, because I'm doing this on my phone, which isn't super easy lol. Thanks for checking it out. :)
  5. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Massive guide update should be posted within a couple hours, check back later for more details!
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  6. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Updated to build 19, with sections 2 and 3 now finished, and section 4 started. Build 20 in progress, will be updated within 5 hours. (Deadline is 1:00am PST)
  7. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Big update day finished! Now on build 20, with sections 1-4 finished, and 5 on its way!
  8. Tudedude

    Tudedude Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Crates and EXP sections now finished! We're almost there! - Build #21 - June 3, 2015 at 03:40 (24-hour)
  9. Amy

    Amy Active Member

    This is really cool. I do have a suggestion. You can have a section that's for do and not do's, such as covering the fact THAT YOU NEVER ASK PEOPLE FOR MONEY MORE THAN ONCE.
  10. Glatorian

    Glatorian Member

    Maybe as well that going to everyone in the server asking for money it gets annoying escpecially if you don't need the money or jut aking the people with lots :p thats sorta saying that at least rich person on the server would give them money since they don't need it
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  11. FlashCraft127

    FlashCraft127 New Member

    You should also make a section about NOT ASKING FOR ITEMS. I had this guy literally annoy me for prismarine blocks from the savior mine. P.S: I like cake. P.P.S: y they brushing teeth
  12. Matt [IPv4]

    Matt [IPv4] Web-Dev Staff Member Admin Web-Dev Rule Maker Supporter

  13. Repitition

    Repitition Member

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